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From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate

Cover of From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate 2008 report

From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate 2008 reflects the advances made in understanding Canada’s vulnerability to climate change during the past decade.

Through a primarily regional approach, this assessment discusses current and future risks and opportunities that climate change presents to Canada, with a focus on human and managed systems. It is based on a critical analysis of existing knowledge, drawn from the published scientific and technical literature and from expert knowledge. The current state of understanding is presented, and key knowledge gaps are identified.

Advances in understanding adaptation, as well as examples of recent and ongoing adaptation initiatives, are highlighted throughout the report.

Table of Contents

Download the full report [PDF, 19.6 Mb]

Cover, Title page, Preface PDF [PDF, 337.6 kb]

  Authors : D.S. Lemmen, F.J.Warren and J. Lacroix PDF [PDF, 835.4 kb]

 Chapter 1: Introduction
  Authors : D.S. Lemmen and F.J.Warren PDF [PDF, 305.9 kb]

 Chapter 2: Background Information - Concepts, Overviews and Approaches
  Lead authors : F.J.Warren and P. Egginton PDF [PDF, 1.5 Mb]

Chapter 3: Northern Canada
  Lead authors : C. Furgal and T.D. Prowse PDF [PDF, 3.9 Mb]

 Chapter 4: Atlantic Canada
  Lead authors : L. Vasseur and N. Catto PDF [PDF, 4.1 Mb]

 Chapter 5: Quebec
  Lead authors : A. Bourque and G. Simonet PDF [PDF, 2.6 Mb]

 Chapter 6: Ontario
  Lead authors: Q. Chiotti and B. Lavender PDF [PDF, 2.1 Mb]

 Chapter 7: Prairies
  Lead authors : D. Sauchyn and S. Kulshreshtha PDF [PDF, 3.2 Mb]

 Chapter 8: British Columbia
  Lead authors : I.Walker and R. Sydneysmith PDF [PDF, 1.6 Mb]

 Chapter 9: Canada in an International Context
  Lead authors : J.P. Bruce and E. Haites PDF [PDF, 630.8 kb]

 Chapter 10: Moving Forward on Adaptation
  Lead Author : I. Burton PDF [PDF, 134.0 kb]

 Glossary   PDF [PDF, 69.7 kb]

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