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Acknowledgements - Northern Canada

The authors would like to thank Ross Mackay (Environment Canada, National Hydrology Research Centre, Saskatoon) for acquisition and processing of data and Elaine Barrow for creation of future climate-scenario projections.  Also, the authors gratefully acknowledge the extensive proof-reading conducted by Steve Desch ênes, Jane Drengson and Simon Van de Wall (Water and Climate Impacts Research Centre, Environment Canada/University of Victoria). Margaret Treble and Brian Dempson (both of Fisheries and Oceans Canada) are acknowledged for their contributions to the fisheries section of the chapter. The authors also thank the following people for providing input to development of the Northern Canada chapter by participating in regional workshops:

Rick Armstrong, David Black, Jackie Bourgeois, Bob Bromley, Lilian Chau, Yanie Chauret, Rebecca Chouinard, Shirley Cook, Paul Crowley, Pauline Deehan, Cindy Dickson, Michelle Edwards, Karen Felker, Aleta Fowler, Savanna Hayes, Jenny Ipirq, Stanley James, Mary Jane Johnson, Tom Livingston, Hugh Lloyd, John MacDonald, Johanna Martin, Steve Matthews, David Milbourne, Scott Milton, Lorne Napier, Marie-Eve Neron, Mike Nitsiza, Aynslie Ogden, Bruce Rigby, Doug Ritchie, Julie Roberge, June Shappa, Jamal Shirley, John Streicker, Mary Tapsell, Jessica Thiessen, Mary-Ellen Thomas, Dan Utting, Jody Butler Walker, Laurie Anne White, Michael Westlake, Richard Zieba.

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