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Lead Authors - Introduction

Photo of Don LemmenDon Lemmen's postgraduate research examined past climate and environmental changes in the Canadian High Arctic. Since joining Natural Resources Canada in 1988, climate change has been the central focus of his career. He spent eleven years undertaking field studies of past climate and environmental changes in the Canadian High Arctic, was part of a leading a six-year multidisciplinary research project examining the impact of climate change on the southern Canadian prairies, as program manager he has funded more than 130 research projects since 2001 and he was a co-lead editor of the 2004 report Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: a Canadian Perspective. Dr. Lemmen has also been a member of Canadian delegations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a negotiator and technical expert on adaptation since 2003.

Fiona Warren is a senior science advisor with the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division at Natural Resources Canada. She has worked with this group since completing a masters degree (McMaster University) in ecosystem biogeochemistry in 2000. She was the principal author, as well as a co-editor of the 2004 report 'Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective'.  She has been an expert reviewer of several reports and papers on climate change issues. In addition to her responsibilities as scientific editor of the present assessment report, Fiona was lead author for Chapter 2 (Background Information, Concepts, Overviews and Approaches) and an author of the Synthesis Report and the Introduction.

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