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Natural Resources Canada

Committed to improving the quality of life of Canadians by ensuring the country’s abundant natural resources are developed sustainably, competitively and inclusively.

Services and information

Energy efficiency

Homes, buildings, industry, transportation, products, EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR

Minerals and mining

Exploration, resources, production, innovation, explosives, regulations

Forests and forestry

Sustainability, research, industry and trade, boreal, wildfires, insects, transformation

Energy sources and distribution

Oil, gas, renewables, fossil and alternative fuels, electricity, nuclear, uranium, co-ops

Climate change

Green future, infrastructure programs, impacts and adaptations

Public consultations

Insight and information for the development of policies and programs

Maps, tools and publications

Atlas of Canada, land surveys, air photos, satellite images, positioning, software

Science and data

Research programs, centres and labs, intellectual property, partnerships, analysis

Domestic and international markets

Transportation fuel prices, lumber, pulp and panel prices, minerals and metals markets

Indigenous Peoples and Natural Resources

Land claims in the North, participation in mining activities, partnerships

Funding and partnerships

Opportunities, grants and contributions, incentive and partnership programs

Simply Science stories

Explore Natural Resources Canada’s science through articles, podcasts and videos


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Protecting our water resources

Making smarter choices for Canada’s water future

Finding hope in the Arctic Ocean

Nunavut Day - Highlighting groundbreaking climate research in Canada’s North

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