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Shape-shifting forests: a tale of climate, wildfires and surprising outcomes

The story of North American forests is one of resilience, adaptation, renewal and hope.

January 2024

If you hike or stroll through one of Canada’s northern forests, you might experience a world of towering trees, cool shade filled with the scent of pines and spruces — home to many different plants and animals of all shapes and sizes. But Ellen Whitman, a wildfire research scientist at the Canadian Forest Service, sees things through a different lens. What she notices is a landscape quietly and gradually transforming.


Unlocking the power of satellites for Canada’s crops

Keeping track of growing conditions affecting Canada’s agricultural crops is essential for planning purposes. Scientists rely on satellites to tackle this crucial task with precision. The advanced computer programs that make all this happen are created with intricate coding, the latest technology and plain hard work.

November 2023


Sowing the seeds of Indigenous knowledge

The Indigenous Seed Collection Program, part of the Canadian Forest Service, is helping plant the forests of the future by sowing traditional knowledge, one seed at a time. Find out how a program that started with Mi’kmaq communities in Atlantic Canada has quickly developed into a popular and diverse Indigenous-led network of knowledge sharing.

June 2023

By Gillian Aylward



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