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What’s an urban forest?

In this episode, we’re going to explore the world of urban forests and hear about how they can transform concrete jungles into vibrant livable spaces. We reached out to a couple of experts from the Canadian Forest Service to talk about the ins and outs of urban forest management. This episode is also a double feature, with our friends from the Statistics Canada podcast “Eh-sayers” talking about the ironies of data when it comes to the environment. Both stories share a common theme: “it’s not easy being green.”


Is natural hydrogen the solution?

There seems to be a lot of excitement about natural hydrogen lately. But why is the level of interest peaking now? Could it be part of the solution to the climate crisis? Is it the environmentally friendly game changer everyone is looking for? Or not? To answer those questions and more, we reached out to one of our hydrogen experts, as well as a scientist from the University of Toronto.

Managing our Carbon Emissions

We, as human beings, find ourselves in a challenging situation when it comes to carbon emissions. Almost everything we do in our modern lives produces carbon emissions, which impact the very environment we live in. Is it possible to maintain our quality of life AND reduce our carbon emissions? Our scientists are working hard to address that issue. Listen to find out how.


The gold standard of mineral exploration

We all know metals like gold, copper and nickel are essential to our way of life. Metals are used in just about everything. So how do we make sure that we have a continuous supply of these metals? How do you find new ore deposits to make sure we meet future demand? Our scientists are working hard to specifically address that issue. Listen to find out how.


A heated conversation on heat pumps

There’s nothing quite like a Canadian winter. Majestic scenery, fun outdoor activities, and brutally cold days that cause your heating bill to skyrocket. Scientists and engineers at Natural Resources Canada believe a promising technology can help reduce your energy consumption, the heat pump. What are heat pumps? How do they work? Why is everyone talking about them? Are they right for you? Listen to find out.


The Smoking Hills

In Cape Bathurst, where Canada's mainland meets the Arctic Ocean, an entire coastline is burning. Aptly named the Smoking Hills, it's home to a really unique geological feature: a deposit of sedimentary rock that's been burning and smouldering continuously for thousands of years. On this episode, we'll be speaking with a research scientist who visited the hellish landscape to study it first-hand.


Earthquakes in Eastern Canada

There are, on average, over 4,000 earthquakes in Canada each year. Many of those earthquakes occur in Western Canada, but Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces also see their fair share of seismic events. On this episode, we’ll be speaking with a seismologist who has spent over 30 years studying earthquakes in Eastern Canada.


Who can take on the spruce budworm?

On this episode, we’re going to look at a real-life bug battle that rivals Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III! We have with us an entomologist — or bug expert — who’s going to break down this iconic matchup. Make sure to listen to find out which bug is brave enough to take on the spruce budworm.



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