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Office of Energy Research and Development (OERD)

Energy innovation and cleantech programming

The Office of Energy Research and Development (OERD) leads the Government of Canada’s efforts in delivering energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) funding, accelerating efforts in energy innovation and cleantech programming. With a focus on influencing the pace and direction of energy system transformation, OERD targets the most impactful technologies to maximize environmental and economic outcomes. Leveraging over forty years of experience and unique science and technology expertise, OERD invests in thirteen research facilities across the Government of Canada to undertake RD&D, as well as a wide range of Canadian small and medium enterprises, utilities, industry, and other firms, all in support of Canada’s energy innovation and climate change goals.

What types of projects are we advancing?

Projects funded through our programs focus on influencing the pace and direction of energy system transformation and targeting the most impactful technologies, in order to maximize environmental and economic outcomes. OERD’s programs target “missions” to realize a clean energy future and a sustainable natural resources sector.


Supporting Clean Energy Innovation
Improve Energy Efficiency and Processes to Reduce Emissions from Energy End-Use Accelerate Electrification and maximize benefits to renewable heat and power Develop cleaner fuels pathways
Reduce Reliance on Diesel in Rural, Remote, and Indigenous Communities

The energy system is complex, and constantly changing. OERD connects through funding clean energy projects and developing partnerships with stakeholders with the goals of reducing harmful emissions, and supporting innovation and economic opportunities in the energy sector.


The energy system includes smart grids, energy efficient buildings, electric vehicle infrastructure, renewable energy & storage, and clean fuel distribution in Canada, especially in rural and remote communities.

Collaborating with OERD

OERD has a number of “Trusted Partnerships” in place to facilitate collaboration and co-funding of projects. Established through the signing of Memorandums Of Understanding and Non-Disclosure Agreements, these agreements enable efficient collaboration through the sharing of information, leveraging of respective funding processes and the possible establishment of parallel calls for proposals. Collaborations under the “Trusted Partnerships” platform are not tied to specific programs and can be utilized as a means of cooperating on projects as future opportunities arise.

Our current “Trusted Partners” include:

OERD delivers results

Since 2016, OERD has invested over $1B in more than 850 energy innovation research, development, and demonstration projects.


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