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Step 5. Request and receive your grant

1. Review the results of your post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation and confirm the grant amount

The post-retrofit evaluation will include:

  • an EnerGuide home rating and a label
  • an updated Homeowner Information Sheet that lists improvements to your home’s energy efficiency and its EnerGuide rating

Your energy advisor will confirm which retrofits were undertaken and provide an estimate of the grant amount you may be eligible for. The energy advisor is also required to provide you with these reports by mail or email. It can take at least 14 business days for them to reach you.

Your service organization is also required to submit your reports to the online Canada Greener Homes Grant portal. You can access your reports by logging in to the grant portal.

It can take a minimum of 30 days after your post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation for the service organization to submit this information to the portal.

2. Upload your receipts and documents

You will be notified when the service organization has submitted all the necessary information into the portal so you can review your post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation documents.

At this point, you will need to upload the following documents so we can verify your eligible retrofits.

Mandatory documents

  • receipts for your pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations
  • all receipts and invoices, marked paid in full, for products purchased and for installation costs

You can log into the portal and submit receipts at any time.

Other recommended documents

You may upload these documents if you have them and if applicable for your retrofits:

Note: Mechanical systems include ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, cold climate air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, furnaces (eligible for northern and off-grid community residents only), and boilers (eligible for northern and off-grid community residents only).

You will need to keep copies of your documents until March 31, 2028. The federal grants are not taxable and do not have to be declared as income.

3. Request your grant

After you submit all your receipts and documents, you can request your grant through the online Canada Greener Homes Grant portal.

Our program officers will then review your file and documents to confirm the total amount of the grant eligible for the retrofits you have completed. If there are any outstanding documents or questions, they will contact you directly.

The review can take up to 40 business days.

The amount of your grant will depend on which retrofits were completed and the total of your qualifying expenses. In no case will the grant exceed your qualifying costs.

  • Safe environment for the Canada Greener Homes Grant The Canada Greener Homes Grant operates an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, hate and otherwise inappropriate conduct. Inappropriate language, images and other forms of communication or behaviour directed toward the program, its staff, third-party delivery partners, or participants will not be tolerated and is grounds for dismissal of the application or the applicant from the program and its benefits.

Log in your account to view your application

4. Confirm and receive your grant

As the final step in the process, after our officers have reviewed your file, you will be prompted to log in into the portal to confirm your grant total to receive your grant.

At this stage, your retrofit journey is complete, and your grant (a cheque) will be sent by mail. It can take up to 30 business days to process your payment, and then the cheque will be mailed to your house.

Disclaimer for banking information

We do not ask for banking information. Please call us if you have questions or concerns.

Apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant

Canada Greener Homes Initiative

  • Grants from $125 to $5,000 to get a part of your costs back for eligible home retrofits.
  • Up to $600 as a maximum contribution towards the total costs of your pre and post retrofit EnerGuide home evaluations.
  • Interest-free Loan: up to $40,000, with a repayment term of 10 years
Apply for a grant
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