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New major flood events now available on the Historical Flood Events layer

Every year, floods affect populations across Canada. That's why the team of specialists at Natural Resources Canada update the Historical Flood Events layer with the most recent data available in the media. The addition of major floods, such as those that occurred in Manitoba in 2022, makes it possible to track the history of flooding since 1696. In all, 104 new events between June 2021 and June 2023 have been added. In total, over 7,400 events can be viewed via an interactive map.

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Are you interested in historic flood events? NRCan team publishes Historical Flood Events Data Layer

With scattered publication records stretching back to 1696, it has been labour intensive to search publications to determine historical flood events for a specific region – until now. With over 1400 flood events documented in over 7000 locations, the NRCan Historical Flood Events data layer provides an accessible way to view the who, what, when, and where of historical flood events in Canada.

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