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Geospatial data, tools and services

Access open, shared, trusted geospatial and Earth observation data, services, and applications.

Latest news in geospatial

See the latest news in geospatial data and activities across Canada and stay in touch by subscribing to the RSS Feed

Geoportals and tools

Explore the definitive source of open geospatial data including the foundational data for land, water and infrastructure

Open Canada

Visualize, analyze and collaborate on open geospatial data

Earth Observation Data Management System

Access satellite imagery and air photo imagery

Geospatial Product Index

Find our most popular geospatial data

Geospatial Data Extraction

Download topographic data based on custom-defined geographic areas

Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure Geoportal

Explore interoperable geospatial data about the Arctic from eight National Mapping Agencies, including Canada

Canadian Geographical Names Database

Search official place names in Canada

Geospatial data FTP directory

Access geospatial data and documentation using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

The Atlas of Canada

Explore interactive and historical maps as well as geographical reference data

Web Services

Geospatial web services

Consult a list of web services that are improving the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure

Analysis Ready Data Service Kits

Find base and thematic data for British Columbia, Northwest Territories, climate change, and water resources

Indigenous Geographical Names Dataset

Discover over 20,000 official place names with origins in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis worldview

Information on geospatial data

Elevation data

Learn about types of elevation data, how it is collected and why it is important

Hydrographic Networks

Read about hydrographic networks and explore related data

Topographic Maps

Discover topographic maps, the National Topographic System (NTS), and how to acquire a paper map

Concepts of Aerial Photography

Learn basic concepts of aerial photography

Satellite imagery in everyday life

Understand the potential of satellite imagery and methods transforming raw data into relevant information

Geodetic reference systems in Canada

Discover geodetic information you need for positioning activities

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