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Science and Research

Federal science and research subjects being explored by experts across the country.

Arctic science

Geo-mapping and remote sensing capabilities in Canada's far north.

Climate change science

Mitigating uncertainties associated with critical infrastructure for resource industries.

Mining research and innovation at CanmetMINING

Research on critical minerals, technologies for improved efficiencies, climate change adaptation and mitigation

Cyber security

Learn how we collaborate across the energy sector to strengthen the security and resilience of critical energy infrastructure through research and intelligence.

Energy research

Energy research and development activities.

Forest science

Access Canadian Forest Service science, research, publications and statistical information. Learn about our research activities that support sustainable forest management.


Explore the disciplines of surveying, hydrography, mapping, remote sensing and geographic information processing.


Learn about the geoscience data and knowledge that are available to those working to manage Canada’s landmass and develop its natural resources responsibly.

Materials research

Partnering opportunities and more information on working with CanmetMATERIALS.

Natural hazards

Information and tools to help you understand, report and prepare for natural hazards like earthquakes, forest fires, floods and space weather.

Space weather

Short term and long term space weather forecasts, geomagnetic and geoelectric fields, effects on technology.

Remote Sensing Science

Capturing information about the earth's surface using reflected or emitted energy collected by sensors mounted on satellites, aircrafts or drones.

Quantum Technologies

Learn about the role of quantum technologies and quantum science in Canada’s natural resources sectors.

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