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Wildland fires

For information on current wildfires in Canada, including emergency response and preparedness, local conditions and additional support, visit Wildfire response.

Reporting and monitoring

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (CWFIS)

Fire danger conditions and occurrence, fire weather forecasts and data from agencies across Canada.

National Wildland Fire Situation Report

Forest fire conditions, expected fire danger, data and analysis, priority fires.

Fire monitoring and reporting tool

Monitoring greenhouse gas and carbon data resulted from forest and wildland fires.

Forest fire danger rating tool

The principal source of fire intelligence for forest fire management agencies.

Fire science and research

Blueprint for wildland fire science

Comprehensive wildland fire science can help us be more resilient against wildland fires.

Climate change and fire

Impacts of climate change on fire behaviour and fire patterns in Canada.

Fire protection for communities

Resources and practices used to protect communities against the impacts of wildland fires.

Programs and initiatives

Fighting and Managing Wildfires in a Changing Climate Program

Funding to train and equip firefighters for wildfire response.

Wildfire Resilient Futures Initiative

Funding to reduce wildfire risk in our communities and landscapes.


Wildfire warning

Wildfire Response
Government of Canada emergency response, support, and recovery measures

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