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LEEP Technology Guides and Tools


In this section, you’ll find the publications produced as a direct result of builder experiences, or those developed in response to LEEP builder group requests to help them move forward to use new technologies they pulled through the LEEP process. The Builder Case Studies provide the builder reasons for choosing the technologies and the building challenges that they were able to solve.

LEEP NZE Wall Guides

This is a series of seven (7) documents: Introduction, Wall-Assembly Guide #1, #2, #3, #4, and Appendix A & B. These detailed reference guides explain the design and construction of ‘high-performance’ wall assemblies using light-frame wood construction. Four wall-types are presented, illustrated with 3D images and large-scale construction details. Each LEEP NZE wall-assembly allows a range of R-values suitable for use in tiered code compliance and Net Zero Energy construction. A selection guide for continuous exterior insulation and wall materials is included, along with detailed discussion of risk-management, ‘critical barriers’, insulation ratios, air-tightness, window installation, condensation, long-fasteners, and the variations required by Canadian Climate Zones.

Material Carbon Emissions Estimator (MCE2)

A downloadable tool and user guide designed to support the homebuilding and renovation industries in making informed material choices to reduce up-front carbon emissions. MCE2 allows users to quantify the cumulative carbon footprint of their home and renovation projects with a comprehensive set of calculations, and provides insights for reduction opportunities.


Planning and Decision Guide for Solar PV systems (PDF, 3.91 MB)

Builders and solar PV consultants can use this tool together to quickly address the areas of the construction process that solar PV will affect. This tool helps with the smooth integration of solar PV systems into new builds with a quick-to-use summary worksheet as well as in-depth information on each step of the solar PV integration process.


Selecting a Solar PV Consultant Guide (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Builders can use this guide to find a PV consultant. The guide supports builders planning their first net-zero/ net-zero ready housing project by helping to quickly define solar PV consultant requirements.

This guide is supplemented by two appendices:


Master Planning & Decision Tool for Natural Gas Mechanical Systems

Builders, mechanical designers and contractors can use this tool together to quickly define the type of mechanical system required for a new home or a new subdivision of homes. This tool helps in the use of the Master Planning & Decision Guide for Natural Gas Mechanical Systems.


Master Planning & Decision Guide for Natural Gas Mechanical Systems (PDF, 4.91 MB )

Builders, mechanical designers and contractors can use this guide together to quickly define the type of mechanical system required for a new home or a new subdivision of homes.


Use of CSA P.9-11 to Specify Combination Space & Water Heating Systems (PDF, 8.5 MB)

This is a guide to using CSA P.9-11 test results to inform the selection and specification of efficient and appropriately sized combination systems.


High Performance Housing Guide for Southern Manitoba (PDF, 1.0 MB)

The guide presents technical information on new energy efficient technologies trialed, and the lessons learned, by a group of leading Manitoba Builders who chose these technologies following their evaluations during their LEEP workshops.


Zoning Decision Guide for Builders with Zoning Checklist (PDF, 1.93 MB)

Zoned forced air technology is being used to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption in tract housing as new technology options have brought down the base price.

The Guide will assist builders and their mechanical designers to define, communicate, discuss and finalize design features of zoned heating and cooling systems.

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