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ENERGY STAR for Buildings Recognition and Awards

ENERGY STAR high efficiency - haute efficacité

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ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® 10th Anniversary Recognition Challenge

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Canadian adaption of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is offering a special, one-time recognition to all organizations that certify at least 5, 10, or 25 buildings for the 2023 certification year!

This special recognition opportunity is only available in 2023, so there’s never been a better time to certify.

Any organization that earns 2023 ENERGY STAR® certification for (or, in the case of Licensed Professionals, helps to certify) at least 5 buildings, is eligible for recognition. For more information on eligibility, criteria and how to apply, see the 10th Anniversary Recognition Challenge page. Don’t delay – the application period closes March 31, 2024.

Recognition through ENERGY STAR building certification

Commercial and institutional buildings that earn a score of 75 or higher with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification in Canada. A building with this recognized symbol means it’s certified as energy efficient and will receive:

Certification is given on an annual basis. Your building must maintain its high performance to be certified each year.

Join the Canadian Circle of Champions

Canadian Circle of Champions

The Canadian Circle of Champions recognizes stakeholders in the commercial and institutional buildings sector that have successfully integrated benchmarking as part of their overall energy management strategy. Check out their success stories to learn how you can do the same.

Win an ENERGY STAR Canada Building of the Year Award

The ENERGY STAR Canada Awards recognizes the energy achievements of ENERGY STAR certified commercial and institutional buildings.

The ENERGY STAR Canada awards for existing commercial and institutional buildings are awarded to ENERGY STAR certified buildings that demonstrate exceptional performance.

To be eligible, buildings must be ENERGY STAR certified for the current award year - no other application is required. The award categories include:

  • Building of the Year – Bank Branch
  • Building of the Year – Hospital
  • Building of the Year – Hotel
  • Building of the Year – Ice and Curling Rink
  • Building of the Year – K-12 School
  • Building of the Year – Mailing Center and Post Office
  • Building of the Year – Medical Office
  • Building of the Year – Multifamily Housing
  • Building of the Year – Office
  • Building of the Year – Retail Store
  • Building of the Year – Senior Living Community and Residential Care Facility
  • Building of the Year – Supermarket and Food Store
  • Building of the Year – Warehouse
  • Building of the Year – Worship Facility

Learn more about Canada’s ENERGY STAR Awards!

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