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ENERGY STAR certification for commercial and institutional buildings in Canada

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ENERGY STAR® certification for commercial and institutional buildings is available in Canada. A building with this recognized symbol means it’s certified as energy efficient. Save energy, money, and protect our climate – find out how to achieve top energy performance!

Why certify your building?

  • reduce operation costs
  • increase asset value
  • contribute fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • increase rental and occupancy rates
  • gain ENERGY STAR recognition

Who can apply for ENERGY STAR certification?

Currently the following commercial and institutional building types can earn Natural Resources Canada’s ENERGY STAR certification and display the ENERGY STAR symbol:

Building Type

Natural Resources Canada develops new scores on an annual basis, and your building type could be next.

Stay tuned!

Ready to apply?

Step 1:  Register
Register for ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, a free online tool that requires no installation. The entire process is done within the tool.

Step 2: Benchmark your data
Benchmark your building with at least 12 consecutive months of metered energy data.

Step 3: Obtain your ENERGY STAR Score
Your building will need to earn a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher and meet certain other eligibility criteria.

Step 4: Start the online application
Click “Apply for ENERGY STAR Certification” to complete the online application.

Step 5: Verify your application
Have a Licensed Professional (LP) conduct a site visit, verify the information in your application and sign it before submitting to NRCan. Visit The Canadian Licensed Professional’s Guide to ENERGY STAR certification for more information.

Step 6: Complete the online application
Upload a scanned copy of the signed application and submit the application electronically to NRCan.

For more information, download How to Apply for ENERGY STAR certification in Canada (PDF – 672 KB).

Earn recognition for your building

Buildings that earn a score of 75 or higher and meet certain other eligibility criteria will receive:

Certification is given on an annual basis. Your building must maintain its high performance to be certified each year.

Win an ENERGY STAR Canada award for your building!

Starting in 2021, the ENERGY STAR Canada Awards are recognizing the energy achievements of ENERGY STAR certified commercial and institutional buildings. Learn more about Canada’s exceptional energy efficiency champions!

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Find out more about certification:

The ENERGY STAR and PORTFOLIO MANAGER names and the ENERGY STAR symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.

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