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Explosives, fireworks and ammunition

Canada has laws and requirements for explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnics, and ammunition and propellants, to keep Canadians safe and secure. Many chemicals that can be used to make explosives (called “restricted components”) are also regulated in Canada. Choose among the items below to learn about manufacturing, buying, selling, importing, exporting, transporting and storing products safely and securely.

Consultation on explosives regulations

Canada’s explosives regulations are being updated. Learn more about the consultation process and how to participate.

Services and information


Requirements for manufacturing, buying, selling, storing, importing, exporting or transporting

Fireworks and pyrotechnics

Requirements and regulations for activities involving fireworks and pyrotechnics

Ammunition and propellant powders

Requirements for safety and security of activities involving ammunition and propellant powders

Restricted components

Requirements for chemicals that have many legitimate uses but could also be misused to make illegal explosives

Contact us

Contact information for general inquiries or urgent requests related to explosives, fireworks, ammunition or restricted components.

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