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Forests and forestry

Canada is rich in forest resources and a world leader in sustainable forest management. The health of our forests and the communities that depend on them are influenced by a variety of environmental, societal and economic factors.

Forest industry and trade

Current lumber prices and economic data about Canada's forest industry.

Wildland fires

Information relating to funding programs, managing and monitoring wildland fires in Canada.

State of Canada's forests report

Report on the social, economic and environmental state of Canada’s forests and forest sector.

Forest sector funding programs

Federal funding programs that support the competitiveness of Canada’s forestry sector.

Sustainable forest management

Forest ownership, laws, certification, management and planning.

Climate change impacts on forests

Relationship between Canada’s forests and climate change, and adaptation strategies for the forest sector.

The Canadian Forest Service

The Canadian Forest Service, our forestry research centres and forest science.

Canadian forest service publications

Canadian Forest Service publications database.

Forest insects and disturbances

Natural disturbances in Canada’s forests such as insects, pests and diseases.

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