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Topographic tools and data

Topography is the study of the surface of the land. This can be mountains, valleys, rivers and other land features.

Topographic information can be displayed through maps, data, applications and tools.

Use our tools for searching place names, measuring distances. Download elevation and topographic data based on predefined or custom-defined geographic areas and more.

Geospatial applications and tools

Discover open data, maps, applications and more on

Open Maps

Search Natural Resources Canada products by keyword

Geospatial Product Index

Find and download our most popular geospatial data

Geospatial Data Extraction

Download elevation and topographic data based on predefined or custom-defined geographic areas

Toporama Interactive Map

Explore topographic data using tools for measuring, drawing, importing points on a map and more

Services and information

Geospatial web services

Find application programming interfaces (APIs), to search, discover, asses and access data and products

Latest news in geospatial

See the latest news in geospatial data and activities across Canada and stay in touch by subscribing to the RSS Feed

Frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions

Contact GeoInfo

Contact us for questions regarding geospatial data, applications, tools and services

Geospatial data

Foundational Geospatial Data

Explore all our foundational geospatial data in the GeoBase initiative

Hydrographic Networks

Learn about hydrographic networks and explore related data

Geospatial data directory

Access geospatial data and documentation using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

CanVec topographic information

Explore more than 60 topographic feature classes in the CanVec series

High Resolution Digital Elevation Model

Explore digital elevation models derived from LiDAR data and satellite imagery

High Resolution Digital Elevation Model Mosaic

Visualize continuous high-resolution elevation data across Canada

Digital topographic raster maps

Explore georeferenced topographic raster maps in the CanMatrix and CanTopo collections

Topographic paper maps

Paper maps

Acquire a paper map

National Topographic System Maps

Learn about topographic maps and the National Topographic System (NTS)

National Topographic System Index Maps

Learn about National Topographic System (NTS) regional index maps

The UTM Grid - Map Projections

Learn about map projections

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