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Geomatics is defined as the modern discipline which integrates the tasks of gathering, storing, processing, modeling, analyzing, and delivering spatially referenced or location information. From satellite to desktop, Natural Resources Canada provides leadership in the field of geomatics and open-source information via two organizations.

The Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) is the Government of Canada's centre of excellence for geomatics, mapping and earth observations.

The Surveyor General Branch (SGB) contributes to the management of jurisdictional boundaries to ensure Canada has the boundary certainty required to exert its sovereignty and meet its legal obligations.

Canada Lands Survey

Learn how the Surveyor General Branch surveys and administers lands under our jurisdiction, as per the Canada Lands Surveys Act.

Geodetic reference systems in Canada

Access data, tools and standards for accurate positioning of geospatial information.

Canada’s Spatial Data Infrastructure

Find information about the standards, policies, applications, and governance that facilitate the access, use, integration, and preservation of spatial data.

Satellite Imagery and Air Photos

Learn how we use satellite imagery and air photos to monitor land, water and borders.

Topographic tools and data

Use our tools for searching place names, measuring distances, and more. Download elevation and topographic data based on predefined or custom-defined geographic areas and more.

Find geospatial data and information from federal, provincial, and territorial sources.

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