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Canada Lands: Boundaries and land surveys

Learn how the Surveyor General Branch surveys and administers lands under our jurisdiction, as per the Canada Lands Surveys Act.

About our survey system

Land surveyors, land administrators and other stakeholders, including Indigenous land users, can learn about our services, including the tools and data we provide, and how we define and describe the boundaries of Canada Lands.

Canada Lands surveys: Tools and data

Access tools and geographic information system (GIS) / computer-aided design (CAD) datasets to help you find legal survey plans and related documents, as well as information about surveys in progress. Find geospatial representations of parcels of Canada Lands as well as cadastral datasets, oil and gas grids, and more.

Canada Lands surveys: Maps

Get downloadable maps and associated metadata that geographically illustrate Canada Lands by province and territory.

Canada Lands surveys: Publications

Use these resources to learn about the guiding principles, technical standards, administrative requirements, survey processes and regulations for surveys of Canada Lands.

Canada Lands surveys: Service standards

Review service standards provided by the Surveyor General Branch (i.e., how long it takes to fulfil your requests, record survey documents and update datasets).

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