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Forestry and insects

A 360-degree VR look inside Canada’s boreal forest on the road to restoration

What do 360-degree virtual reality, the oil and gas sector and threatened boreal caribou have in common? Plenty, it turns out. And especially in Alberta, where work is underway to restore tens of thousands of kilometres of seismic lines — those narrow clear-cut strips found throughout Canada’s boreal forest that were created to help locate oil and natural gas deposits.


Petawawa Centennial Bridge (Construction Time-Lapse)

A bridge was recently built in Chalk River, Ontario using the latest methods of wood construction. Chalk River is home to Canada’s oldest operating research forest — the Petawawa Research Forest. The recent failure of three culverts left part of the forest inaccessible, which created the need for a bridge. The following is a time-lapse video of the bridge being constructed.


Fighting the emerald ash borer with science

Over the last 16 years, an army of emerald ash borers, an invasive insect species from Asia, has spread across Ontario, Quebec and, now, New Brunswick, killing tens of millions of ash trees. Scientists have declared war on this destructive insect, waging battle on several fronts to protect our ash trees.