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Quantum Technologies


Quantum Technologies at Natural Resources Canada

Quantum technologies use quantum science and exploit the behavior of objects at a small scale to accelerate and accomplish tasks that are not achievable with classical technologies. These technologies are disruptive, affecting many sectors of the Canadian economy by increasing industrial capabilities, but also creating new vulnerabilities.

As quantum technologies are beginning to transition from laboratory to marketplace, many countries have been active in nurturing their industry’s potential and growth through national strategies. As a result, a variety of applications are emerging.

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It is expected that the natural resource sector will greatly benefit from quantum technologies in the near-term. The rapidly emerging quantum applications hold the promise to significantly impact Canadian natural resource sectors as the end-users and contribute to our commitments towards net-zero and energy transitions, climate actions and decarbonization, forestry, lands and critical minerals.

Types of Quantum Technology

There are several types of quantum technology such as:

  • Quantum computing and software
  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum materials
  • Quantum communications

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The Office of the Chief Scientist and Quantum

NRCan’s Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) aims to bring the “quantum advantage” for Canadian natural resource sectors by diving deep into key priorities around energy, forestry and mining sectors and exploring quantum-enabled solutions that would produce the best performing solutions. NRCan is supporting the development and delivery of the National Quantum Strategy (NQS) as well as the Quantum Research & Development Initiative (QRDI). In addition, NRCan is actively engaging with key industry and academic partners from the Canadian quantum ecosystems. It has conducted outreach activities with leading industries, Canadian start-ups, world-famous research labs and quantum institutes in Canada.

For more information on quantum at NRCan, please contact the Quantum team.

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