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Access to geospatial data files

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to distribute geospatial data via its website. Below an exhaustive list of collections that allows to access the FTP site directly. In the FAQ section, the question Is it possible to access files with an FTP client (for example Filezilla, BulletProof FTP, etc.)? will help you for the massive download.

Some digital files are large, often tens of megabytes in size. Plan to download during off-peak hours. It should be noted that the geospatial data have a wide variety of sources, scales, resolutions, projections, spectral resolutions and formats.

Documentation is available for most products and is located with the product. In some cases it may be in a separate "doc" subfolder.

Download Directory by Product Categories

Elevation Data

Geospatial Data

Topographic Maps*

*To obtain paper maps, please contact a Regional Distribution Centre or a Certified Map Printer.


Atlas of Canada Data

Atlas of Canada Maps

Thematic Data and Maps

Satellite Imagery

Regional Distribution Centres – Certified Map Printers

Use the HTML geospatial product index to visualize an inventory of our digital topographic map collections and to download the files. Click on the data type "Raster" under "Data Types", then choose "CanTopo – CanMatrix – Latest Edition 1:50 000" collection in the "Collections" section. Zoom and click on the desired region to select the files.The CanTopo file is always the most recent.

Archived Collections

Please note that the following collections have been archived as part of the federal government Web renewal project. They are no longer available in the Open Government catalogue.

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