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Emissions Reduction Fund: working together to create a lower carbon future

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Canada is striving to meet its environmental commitments, rebuild the economy, and create a lower carbon economy.

Reducing methane and other greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions in the oil and gas sector is an important part of getting there.

By working together with industry, through the $750M Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), we can do it.

The ERF will help onshore and offshore oil and gas companies by providing funds to invest in green solutions to reduce GHGs and retain jobs in the sector.

Up to $675 million for the Onshore Program and up to $75 million for the Offshore Program.
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Infographic that shows the ERF funding allocations

$750 million for the oil and gas sectors to reduce methane and other GHGs.

Up to $675 million for the Onshore Program (Intake 1 and 2 are now closed) and up to $75 million for the Offshore Program (Intake 3 closed on March 31, 2022.).

Deploying green solutions for the reduction of methane

Advancing innovation and deploying green solutions.


Methane is a potent greenhouse gas.

Emitting less of it is central to fighting climate change.

So we’re helping Canada’s oil and gas industry invest in green technology that will:

  • Reduce methane emissions
  • Maintain and create jobs
  • Attract investment

The new Emissions Reduction Fund

Will bring Canada one step closer

To a low-carbon economy.

Together we can build our clean energy future.

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