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Discontinued Certified Reference Materials

Click on Code to access the HTML certificate, or on PDF to access a copy of the actual certificate. These certified reference materials are no longer available for sale. The verification of the stability of the sulphide materials in this list is no longer being performed.
Code PDF Description
BL-1   Uranium Ore
BL-2   Uranium Ore
BL-3   Uranium Ore
BL-4   Uranium Ore
CCU-1c CCU-1c (PDF, 144,61 kb) Copper Concentrate
CCU-1d CCU-1d (PDF, 91,56 kb) Copper Concentrate
CCU-1e CCU-1e (PDF, 510 kb) Copper Concentrate
CPB-2 CPB-2 (PDF, 144 kb) Lead Concentrate
CUP-2 CUP-2 (PDF, 869 kb) Uranium Ore Concentrate
CUPD-1 CUPD-1 (PDF, 133 kb) Copper Anodes
CZN-3 CZN-3 (PDF, 75,51 kb) Zinc Concentrate
FER-1   Iron Formation Rock
FER-2   Iron Formation Rock
FER-3   Iron Formation Rock
FER-4   Iron Formation Rock
GTS-2 GTS-2 (PDF, 933,54 kb) Gold Tailings
HV-2 HV-2 (PDF, 137,61 kb) Copper-Molybdenum Ore
LKSD-1 LKSD-1 (PDF, 137,21 kb) Lake Sediment
LKSD-2 LKSD-2 (PDF, 137,21 kb) Lake Sediment
LKSD-3 LKSD-3 (PDF, 137,21 kb) Lake Sediment
LKSD-4 LKSD-4 (PDF, 137,21 kb) Lake Sediment
MP-2 MP-2 (PDF, 1,02 MB) Tungsten-Molybdenum Ore
MW-1 MW-1 (PDF, 577,17 kb) Iron Ore
OKA-2   Rare Earth-Thorium Ore
PC-1 PC-1 (PDF, 12,64 kb) Petroleum Coke Sample
PC-2 PC-2 (PDF, 12,64 kb) Petroleum Coke Sample
PD-1 PD-1 (PDF, 719,29 kb) Non-Ferrous Dust
PTC-1a PTC-1a (PDF, 78,29 kb) Noble-Metals-Bearing Copper-Nickel Concentrate
PTM-1a PTM-1a ( PDF, 136 kb ) Noble-Metals-Bearing Nickel-Copper Matte
RTS-1 RTS-1 (PDF, 132,49 kb) Sulphide Tailings Sample
RTS-2 RTS-2 (PDF, 132,49 kb) Sulphide Tailings Sample
RTS-4 RTS-4 (PDF, 132,49 kb) Sulphide Tailings Sample
SCH-1   Iron Ore
SO-3 SO-3 (PDF, 690,09 kb) Calcareous C Horizon Soil
SSC-1 SSC-1 (PDF, 81,95 kb) Commercial Purity Copper Rod 300 mm x 7.9 mm
STSD-1 STSD-1 (PDF, 59,20 kb) Stream Sediment
STSD-2 STSD-2 (PDF, 59,20 kb) Stream Sediment
STSD-3 STSD-3 (PDF, 59,1 kb) Stream Sediment
STSD-4 STSD-4 (PDF, 59,20 kb) Stream Sediment
SY-4 SY-4 (PDF, 527kb) Diorite Gneiss
TILL-1 TILL-1 (PDF, 3,07 MB) Soil Sample
TILL-4 TILL-4 (PDF, 3,08 MB) Till Sample
TLS-1 TLS-1 (PDF, 135,84 kb) Unoxidized Tailings
UM-4   Ultramafic Rock
WMG-1 WMG-1 (PDF, 76,26 kb) Mineralized Gabbro PGE Material
WPR-1 WPR-1 (PDF, 141,27 kb) Altered Peridotite PGE Material

Notice: If the content is not accessible to you, please contact Canadian Certified Reference Materials Project for alternate formats.

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