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CUP-2 Certificate of Analysis

Certified Reference Material: Uranium Ore Concentrate

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First Issued : June 1988
Version: June 1988


CUP-2 is a uranium ore concentrate reference material produced as joint effort between CCRMP and the Analytical Subcommittee of the Canadian Uranium Producers Metallurgical Committee.

The material was received from the Blind River refinery of Eldorado Resources Ltd. in the summer of 1986. It was blended, checked for homogeneity by X-ray fluorescence analysis, bottled in 25-g units and distributed for analysis.

Certification project

CUP-2 was characterized by an interlaboratory analysis program. Eight member laboratories of the Analytical Subcommittee, six commercial laboratories, and three additional volunteer laboratories participated in the project by providing five replicate results on up to 17 analytes. Uranium was reported on a dry basis; all others were determined on an "as received" basis.

Legal notice

CanmetMINING has prepared this reference material and statistically evaluated the analytical data of the interlaboratory certification program to the best of its ability. The purchaser, by receipt hereof, releases and indemnifies the CanmetMINING from and against all liability and costs arising out of the use of this material and information.

Recommended Value and 95% Confidence Interval
Constituent wt %
U 75.42 ± 0.17%


Certified Values for Impurity Constituents
Constituent wt %
Moisture 2.94
S 0.80
Si 0.17*
Ti 0.019
Ca 0.62
V 0.066*
As 0.035
Zr 0.044*
B 0.0051
Fe 0.311
Ni 0.0029
Na 0.459
Mo 0.069
Mg 0.229
K 0.11*
P 0.030*

* Provisionally recommended

For further information

A copy of CANMET Report 88-3E, "CUP-2: A certified uranium ore concentrate", will be forwarded, free of charge, on request to the Coordinator, CCRMP.

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Ottawa, ON  K1A 0G1

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