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UM-2 and UM-4 Certificate of Analysis

UM-2 and UM-4 are discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Certified Reference Material: Sulphide-Bearing Ultramafic Rocks

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UM-2 and UM-4 are from the Werner Lake - Gordon Lake district of northwestern Ontario. These rock samples are intended as reference materials for the determination of ascorbic acid/hydrogen peroxide-soluble copper, nickel, and cobalt in ultramafic rocks to evaluate their ore potential.

GSC Values for Copper, Nickel and Cobalt by Ascorbic Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide Method (wt %)
Sample Cu Ni Co
UM-2 0.095 0.29 0.012
UM-4 0.054 0.19 0.007


Approximate Chemical Composition of
UM-2 and UM-4
  wt %
Constituent UM-2 UM-4
SiO2 39.2 39.35
TiO2 0.24 0.35
Al2O3 7.23 8.98
Total Fe as FeO 12.95 12.8
MnO 0.08 0.15
MgO 25.45 22.5
CaO 4.68 6.27
Na2O 0.32 0.45
K2O 0.11 0.18
P2O5 0.02 0.02
H2O 6.27 4.86
CO2 0.1 0.26
S 0.94 0.44
Cr2O3 1.51 2.59
ZnO 0.004 0.008


Details of the mineralogy of UM-2 and UM-4 are given in Geological Survey of Canada Paper 71-35, "Three geochemical standards of sulphide-bearing ultramafic rock: UM-1, UM-2, and UM-4". The following table by E.M. Cameron provides values for the major and minor elements; they are intended for information purposes only. Note: the supply of UM-1 has been exhausted.

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