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Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG) technology

Project location: CanmetENERGY Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Timeline: 2007 to 2022

Program: Oil and Gas

Project description

Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG) combusts fuel with oxygen and water at elevated pressure, creating a stream of steam and CO2. DCSG can use waste water containing solids and hydrocarbon to generate steam. Solids from the process are removed from the system as a molten slag.

DCSG process flow
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Oxygen, fuel, and water are inserted into the top of the DCSG system. The system creates steam and CO2 as outputs, as well as blowdown and solid waste.

DCSG pilot plant facility
CanmetENERGY has developed a DCSG pilot plant test facility located at their Bells Corners facility in Ottawa, Canada.

Pilot plant specifications

  • 0.3 MWth (1 MMBTUth)
  • Fuel can be natural gas, liquid or slurry
  • Oxident: oxy-fired or oxy-enriched air fired
  • Moderator: process water (oil, solids, etc.)
  • Operating pressure: 30-80 bar
  • Reactor temperature: 1100-1300 °C
  • Product gas outlet temperature: saturation to 10 °C superheated

DCSG industrial applications

In situ heavy oil extraction processes, such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

  • Consume existing process or wastewater with minimal or no treatment
  • Minimize freshwater requirements
  • Sequester greenhouse gases
  • Increase thermal efficiency

Produced oily water (left) and DCSG steam condensate (right) samples.

Bitumen mining processes

  • Produce high pressure process steam and hot water
  • Consume tailings water
  • Minimize freshwater requirements
  • Produce highly concentrated CO2 stream suitable for sequestration

Other industrial applications of DCSG

DCSG can be applied where:

  • process steam or hot water is required
  • untreated water use is desirable
  • consumption and destruction of waste water streams is beneficial
  • production of concentrated CO2 streams is useful for utilization or sequestration

Some examples include:

  • pulp and paper
  • potash solution mining
  • chemicals production

Contact CanmetENERGY in Ottawa

To learn more about this project, email our Business Office.

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