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RCx Guide

Recommissioning (RCx) optimizes existing buildings to improve occupant comfort and save energy.

CanmetENERGY developed a guide to successfully use RCx as a cost-effective method of improving performance and saving energy through a more rational operation of institutional and commercial buildings.

Download the Recommissioning Guide for Building Owners and Managers
(PDF, 4 MBHTML Version)

This document targets building owners and managers and has several objectives:

  • explain the impact of the RCx process
  • outline the importance, challenges and advantages of RCx
  • offer guidelines on the RCx process and its results
  • present the possibilities to increase RCx advantages and reduce costs
  • ensure the persistence of the benefits of an RCx project

The more an owner is involved in the RCx process, the lower the costs, the larger the benefits and the more lasting the impact. This guide can serve as a reference for managers to acquire a better understanding of the recommissioning process and to lead the team in taking the appropriate steps to ensure success.

Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Varennes (Quebec) research centre.

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