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Building Optimization

A building’s electromechanical systems operation is critical to optimizing energy use, reducing energy and maintenance costs, ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining the quality of indoor air.

Today’s buildings are complex and have interdependent systems with sophisticated controls. Therefore, even a small operational problem can greatly disrupt a building’s performance.

Optimizing a building’s energy consumption requires an approach that allows devices and systems to function together in an efficient and cost-effective way to meet occupant requirements and expectations. This approach is called “commissioning” for new buildings and “recommissioning” for existing buildings. When it is applied in a permanent manner to an existing building, it is called “ongoing commissioning”.

CanmetENERGY provides knowledge, services and tools to support optimization projects in institutional and commercial businesses.

What is Recommissioning?

Recommissioning (RCx) optimizes existing buildings to improve occupant comfort and save energy. RCx is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve an existing building’s energy performance.

What is Ongoing Commissioning?

After a commissioning (Cx) or recommissioning (RCx) project, the optimal performance of existing buildings can be maintained through strategies such as ongoing commissioning (Cx), which is an iterative process of measures to ensure the persistence of benefits.

What is Commissioning?

Commissioning (Cx) is a quality process that ensures that the new building functions as the owner initially intended and that the building staff can operate the building and ensure its maintenance.

From Research to Demonstration

To establish the basis of innovative control systems for future buildings, CanmetENERGY is conducting research and development on energy management and demand responsive control strategies in buildings.

Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Varennes (Quebec) research centre.

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