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EnerGuide Rating System for builders

A respected mark of energy performance

Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) EnerGuide Rating System helps homebuilders evaluate their house plans for energy performance and provide customers with energy-efficiency upgrades.

Finished homes get an EnerGuide label that is recognized across Canada. The label may become an added value to your customers as it will help them learn more about their home’s energy performance.

NRCan’s ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and R-2000 initiatives use the EnerGuide Rating System to measure the how energy-efficient a home is.

Become a registered builder

Follow these simple steps to become an EnerGuide registered builder:

  1. Contact a service organization in your area.
  2. Discuss how you can register.
  3. Register with NRCan by email and sign the Terms and Conditions for using the EnerGuide Rating System.

How to get your homes rated with EnerGuide

  1. The energy advisor will work with a service organization to evaluate your house plans. They will use energy simulation software to estimate how much energy the house will use after it is built.
  2. After the evaluation, the energy advisor will help you develop cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades that you can offer to your customers.
  3. When the home is built, the energy advisor visits the house to verify that the energy upgrades have been incorporated into the house and to perform a blower door test.
  4. After this final evaluation, you will get an EnerGuide label for the house and a report that you can give to the homeowner.

The benefits of being an EnerGuide registered builder

Government backed – Add value to your business by providing customers with nationally recognized label for energy efficiency.

Customer satisfaction – Give customers valuable information about their home’s energy performance. This can help them use less energy and save on utility bills.

Savings – EnerGuide rating will help you choose the most realistic and cost-effective energy improvements to your house plans.

Maximum flexibility – Either include energy-efficiency upgrades as part of the package or offer additional energy-efficiency options to homebuyers.

Ongoing support and learning opportunities – You will have access to NRCan’s tools and standards to help you build energy efficiency into your new home designs.

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