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Canada Greener Homes Initiative Update - September 2023

Operating under the banner of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, the Canada Greener Homes Grant, Canada Greener Homes Loan, and Oil to Heap Pump Affordability Program work together to help homeowners across the country lower their energy costs, make their homes more comfortable, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

CGHI by the numbers as of August 31, 2023

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As of August 31, 2023

A total of over 381,000 grant applications have been received through the national portal and our co-delivery partners in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

$375 million in grants issued to over 93,600 homeowners nationally.

Over 39,000 loan applications received by CMHC with an average eligible amount of over $24,000.

The Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) program has received over 6,100 grant applications and issued over $ 4.5 million in grants.

The top five retrofits across Canada are:

  • windows and doors
  • heat pumps
  • air sealing
  • home insulation
  • solar panels

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