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There is a lot to consider when you are looking for energy-efficient products.

  • What does the ENERGY STAR® symbol on a product mean?
  • How much can an energy-efficient model save?

ENERGY STAR announcements: Read the latest news on ENERGY STAR for Products, ENERGY STAR for Homes, ENERGY STAR for Buildings and ENERGY STAR for Industry. Keeping you in the loop with all things energy-efficient.

Our infographics, videos or publications can help answer your questions.

Infographic “Streaming media

Infographic “The cool choice for room ac

Infographic “Smart thermostats”

Infographic “Upgrade your water heater now and soak up the savings

Infographic “Lighting made easy ”

Infographic “Make a savings splash with a new pool pump

Video “How to choose LED bulbs in 4 steps”

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Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations



Heating equipment

Cooling and ventilating equipment

Water heaters

Windows, doors and skylights

Commercial off-the-shelf equipment


View ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Reports

ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Report 2021 PDF [PDF - 6.3 MB]
Celebrating our 20th anniversary, the 2021 annual report covers all the highlights missed during 2017-2020 as well as our 2021 accomplishments. This report features successes centred around our newly launched Brand Management team as well as sales of ENERGY STAR certified products and homes.

ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Report 2016 PDF [PDF - 1.6 MB]
This report celebrates our 15th anniversary with the launch of ENERGY STAR Canada Twitter and Facebook accounts, the first ever ENERGY STAR Day in Canada and a look at how ENERGY STAR makes an impact by reducing GHG emissions and improving energy efficiency across Canada.

ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Report 2015 PDF [PDF - 1.6 MB]
This most recent report features the importance of ENERGY STAR and energy efficiency to Canadians, the 10th anniversary of ENERGY STAR for New Homes, and the introduction of a social media category in the annual ENERGY STAR Awards.

ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Report 2014 PDF [PDF - 2.06 MB]
This report welcomes a powerful new Participant in  ENERGY STAR Canada, the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), and details the first-year results of the Canadian adaptation of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager online benchmarking tool for energy performance in commercial and institutional buildings.

ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Report 2013 PDF [PDF - 1.6 MB]
This report features alignment with the U.S. ENERGY STAR program and new research that  88 percent of Canadians surveyed  say ENERGY STAR is the most useful tool they have to help them be energy-efficient.

ENERGY STAR in Canada Annual Report 2011-12 PDF [PDF - 2.5 MB]
This first ENERGY STAR Annual Report describes the success of the initiative since its introduction into Canada in 2002.

For manufacturers

  • ENERGY STAR Canada Brand Book - May 2021 PDF [PDF - 3.91 MB]
    The ENERGY STAR Canada Brand Book gives instructions on how the ENERGY STAR marks and name should be used in Canada. The Brand Book also presents examples of common mark uses and misuses, as well as how to report improper use of the mark to the Government of Canada.
  • Requirements for the labelling and promotion of ENERGY STAR certified fenestration products sold in Canada HTML
    Manufacturers and dealers of windows, doors and skylights who participate in Canada’s ENERGY STAR Initiative must conform with the requirements for labelling and promotion.


For manufacturers

EnerGuide Labelling Instructions and Labelling Scales for Appliances and Room Air Conditioners HTML
Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations require EnerGuide labels on appliances and room air conditioners. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to comply. Appliance manufacturers and manufacturers of room air must use these up-to-date labelling scales published by Natural Resources Canada to label their products. The scales are updated regularly.

Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations

Guide to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations HTML
This is Natural Resources Canada’s official guide to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations. It provides general information on the Energy Efficiency Act and how the Regulations set minimum energy performance standards for a range of energy-using products, as well as specific descriptions and requirements for each regulated product. This guide is useful for a variety of audiences, including manufacturers and dealers, avid consumers and researchers.

For importers

  • NRCan Reminder—Importing Regulated Energy-Using Products HTML PDF [PDF - 242 KB]
    This handy one-page table lists products covered by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations and the product data that must be provided as part of importing requirements.


Home Lighting Design Guide HTML
This pocket book is a handy resource for homeowners, builders and designers. It answers common lighting questions and incorporates proven design techniques with opportunities to improve energy efficiency throughout all areas of a typical home.

Technical guide

Lighting Reference Guide PDF [PDF - 9.71 MB]
This lighting guide was developed to provide lighting technology information to people who are involved in purchasing, designing and implementing lighting systems. Whether you are looking to retrofit or design new installations, this guide will provide basic lighting technology information and help you choose energy-efficient solutions.

Heating equipment

All About Gas Fireplaces HTML
This booklet explains what you should look for in a safe, energy-efficient gas fireplace as well as the problems that can be encountered with certain technologies. The information applies to both natural gas and propane fireplaces.

Heating series

Heating with Electricity HTML PDF [PDF - 638 KB]
This booklet will help you in your decision-making process, whether you are installing an electrical heating system in a new home, replacing a system in an existing home, or simply considering upgrading your present system.

Heating with Gas PDF [PDF - 1.3 MB]
This booklet describes gas as a heating option, the types of heat distribution systems, how to get the most out of your heating system, how to use the EnerGuide rating for natural gas and propane furnaces, what to consider when purchasing a furnace and how to calculate your projected heating costs.

Heating with Oil PDF [PDF - 839 KB]
This booklet will help you in your decision-making process, whether you are installing a heating system in a new home, replacing a system in an existing home, or simply considering upgrading your present system.

Cooling and ventilating equipment

Air Conditioning Your Home HTML
Learn all there is to know about air-conditioning for your home to help you make appropriate choices. This booklet describes A/C equipment, different installations to choose from and maintenance.

Heating and Cooling With a Heat Pump HTML
Heat pumps are efficient heating and cooling systems that can reduce your energy costs. This booklet describes common types of heat pumps and discusses factors to consider when choosing, installing, operating and maintaining your heat pump.

Heat Recovery Ventilators PDF [PDF - 521 KB]
This booklet discusses the need for mechanical ventilation in homes. It also explains the components of an HRV system, how to operate and maintain the system, and how to solve operating problems.

Water heaters

Water Heater Guide PDF [PDF - 2.8 MB]
This guide can help you in two ways: to select the right type of water heater and to improve the performance and efficiency of your existing water heating system. These actions can save energy and money.

Windows, doors and skylights

Improving Window Energy Efficiency PDF [PDF - 576 KB]
This booklet, featuring detailed illustrations, explains how you can improve the energy efficiency and performance of the existing windows in your home with materials available at your local hardware or building supply store.

For manufacturers

Off-the-shelf commercial equipment

Technical guides

Compressed Air: Energy Efficiency Reference Guide HTML PDF [PDF - 4.6 MB]
This guide describes how to improve the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. It offers a mix of theory and practice and includes general case examples and a glossary.

Electric Motors: Energy Efficiency Reference Guide HTML PDF [PDF - 1.0 MB]
This guide provides an overview of the major types of electric motors available today, including advanced motor technologies, and their preferred applications.

Variable Frequency Drives: Energy Efficiency Reference Guide HTML PDF [PDF - 23.5 MB]
This guide offers an overview of electronic VFD technology to assist in the effective understanding, selection, application, and operation of this device.

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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