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ENERGY STAR announcements

Up-to-date information on ENERGY STAR® Canada’s promotions, notices or events such as the annual awards, ENERGY STAR Day or consumer warnings.

For our Participants, in addition to information on cross-promotional opportunities, see details on changes to our guidelines, ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation or any modifications to the technical specifications.

General updates


Keep up-to-date on the latest ENERGY STAR promotions such as ENERGY STAR Day, Earth Day or 12 Days of ENERGY STAR.


Be aware of any critical issues such as Consumer caution on door-to door sales or misleading claims for Government equipment rebates.


Find out about the ENERGY STAR Canada awards, how to enter, and current winners. Categories include Manufacturer, Retailer, Utility, Advocate and Builder of the Year.


Reports aimed at updating Canadians on the ENERGY STAR Canada Program.

Participant’s updates

2023 Unit Shipment Data

Find out how to submit your 2023 Unit Shipment Data

View our Product Shipment Data Walkthrough video with the new YESCan system.


Find out information on changes to the ENERGY STAR brand book or fenestration guidelines.

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient

View any changes to the product categories or recognition criteria.

Technical specifications

See the latest updates, by date, to any ENERGY STAR technical specifications for certified products (in Canada and U.S.)

View all of our current technical specifications listing.

Communiqué list

Browse ENERGY STAR program communiqués that have been released.

Get to know more

Spotlight on energy efficiency

Publications, videos and infographics

Stay connected

Follow our social media channels for energy efficient tips, rebates, giveaways and much more!

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