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Process integration is a highly effective approach to optimizing energy consumption and thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions in large and complex industrial facilities with energy-intensive systems.

Funding programs are available to encourage Canadian companies to perform process integration studies and to implement measures to improve energy performance, thereby reducing their environmental impact.

To be eligible for such programs, process integration studies must be site-wide and cover all the heating and cooling process requirements as well as other service or utility production systems (steam, hot water, compressed air and refrigeration). For very large plants or industrial complexes, the analysis may cover only part of the plant, in which case, it must at the very least cover an entire unit.

Subsidies from these programs can cover up to 75% of a process integration study cost and may take several forms, including financial assistance to:

  • Implement energy saving measures
  • Purchase new high-performance equipment
  • Develop capital projects
Listed below are the different funding programs available:

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