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Prince Albert Satellite Station

This image shows the Prince Albert Satellite station building

The Prince Albert Satellite Station is ideally situated to collect the majority of Earth Observation data of the North American land mass including the western part of Canada, the United States and the Pacific Ocean. To see the extent of the coverage, see our map.

Natural Resources Canada has operated the Prince Albert Satellite Station since 1972. This coincided with the launch of the first operational remote sensing satellite (Landsat-1). At present the station is operational for the following satellites:

The Prince Albert Satellite Station is located near the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It consists of an operations building, one S/X band 13-metre diameter antenna and one X Band 13-metre diameter antenna.

Both antennas provide reception services, and one antenna can also provide Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) services. 

The Prince Albert Satellite Station acts as the central control hub for Natural Resources Canada’s three ground stations.

For further information, contact the Ground Segment and Data Infrastructure team at

This image shows the new dish antenna that was recently installed at the Prince Albert Satellite station

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