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Funded Projects

Contribution Projects Funded by GeoConnections

GeoConnections is an ongoing program with the mandate and responsibility to lead the evolution the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) with standards-based technologies and operational policies for data sharing and integration to address key economic, social and environmental priorities. Through regular Calls for Proposals, GeoConnections is co-funding the development of innovative adoption and further development of the CGDI by eligible recipients.

2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Contributions

2021-2022 Contributions

Agreement Title: Fine-Grained Cellular Signal Strength Data, Service and Applications

Recipient Legal Name: MRF Geosystems Corporation

City: Calgary

Recipient Province or Territory: Alberta

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

Project Objective and Expected Results:

The recipient will create Data Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services for developers to integrate the cellular signal strength data into their programs and applications. The project activities will create a set of applications outputs upon the cellular signal strength data for rural safety planning and response activities, such as emergency response by designing and implementing a set of applications for rural safety in Alberta.

Agreement Title: Scaling, crowd-sourcing and stewarding Indigenous place names with SIKU: The Indigenous Knowledge Social Network

Recipient Legal Name: The Arctic Eider Society

City: Sanikiluaq

Recipient Province or Territory: Nunavut

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

The recipient will deliver this project for their users with a crowd sourced and Indigenous-led approach to traditional place names, as a dynamic cartographic tool to enable and empower Indigenous communities to freely access and modify Traditional Place Names (TPN) via their web-based and mobile application: The Indigenous Knowledge Social Network (SIKU) in Nunavut.

Agreement Title: Collaborative AI Forestry Planner

Recipient Legal Name: Skymantics, LLC

City: Melbourne

Recipient Province or Territory: Florida

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

The recipient will build new technology and capabilities to enhance Spatial Data Infrastructure tools with a cloud-hosted, web accessible data exchange platform and an agent-based Artificial Intelligence decision-making engine for forestry management planning. This project will develop an operational web-accessible software tool to optimize the generation of forestry management plans in Canada.

Agreement Title: Takuvuq (he sees) - pilot project for Québec's northern villages about the centralization, democratization and accessibility of historical aerial imagery through the web

Recipient Legal Name: Geoselec - Groupe Hauts-Monts international Inc.

City: Quebec

Recipient Province or Territory: Quebec

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

The recipient will improve the accessibility of aerial imagery data that will serve as a lever for innovation and the search for concrete solutions by local communities in the northern Indigenous Nunavik. The results of the project will simplify the consultation and use of aerial imagery and other geospatial data by including the non-expert users in Northern Quebec.

Agreement Title: Enabling Geospatial Services in Support of Decision Making for Indigenous Peoples

Recipient Legal Name: Compusult Limited

City: St John’s

Recipient Province or Territory: Newfoundland and Labrador

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

The recipient is to help Indigenous groups establish and promote a better understanding of their geospatial environment via a cloud-based deployment of Web-enabled services. The geospatial context is related to putting apps/geospatial technologies in the hands of Indigenous groups that will allow them to use the information against their planning and operational needs in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Agreement Title: Novel Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Spectroscopic Sensors to Support Spatial Data Infrastructure

Recipient Legal Name: Romaeris

City: Ottawa

Recipient Province or Territory: Ontario

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

The recipient will leverage its network to engage Indigenous communities across Canada, and especially in the North, to implement a larger scale flight and data collection program development of post-project implementation plan with involvement from Indigenous communities. The project activities will test fly an unmanned aircraft fitted with greenhouse gas sensors to collect sample data and perform experiments.

Agreement Title: Geofluence: Uniting water stakeholders through an open geospatial data infrastructure

Recipient Legal Name: Regroupement des organismes de bassins versants du Québec

City: Quebec

Recipient Province or Territory: Quebec

Agreement Value in CAD: $125,000

The recipient will promote the development and implementation of concrete, standardized and interoperable technical tools on water. The deployment of the project's results in the community of practice will be adapted to the uses of a variety of water stakeholders such as regional and territorial management authorities, organizations working in the environmental field, public agencies and Aboriginal organizations in Quebec.

Agreement Title: Climate Change, the Manitoba Great Lakes, and Mobilizing Geospatial Data for Indigenous Decision Making

Recipient Legal Name: University of Manitoba

City: Winnipeg

Recipient Province or Territory: Manitoba

Agreement Value in CAD: $250,000

This project will create a geospatial visualization platform and real-time data dashboards that include translations of key terms and place names in Indigenous languages and in French. This project intends to increase the accessibility of and mobilize scientific data for evidence-based decision making in real-time for climate and water quality issues in Indigenous communities in the watershed.

Agreement Title: Development of a New Open Geospatial Consortium Standard and Open-Source Software for Methane Data Exchange and Emission Reduction

Recipient Legal Name: SensorUp Inc.

City: Calgary

Recipient Province or Territory: Alberta

Agreement Value in CAD: $250,000

This project will address one of the biggest challenges for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction by improving the ability to integrate, aggregate and fuse heterogeneous methane emissions data from disparate methane sensing systems into a coherent geospatial sensor web. The project will develop key enabling technologies to significantly reduce GHG emission by detecting, predicting and repairing methane leaks more efficiently and effectively.

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