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Digital Accelerator

Revolutionizing the way we serve Canadians through digital innovation

Artificial Intelligence is an important investment NRCan is making to “future proof” the department and support the natural resources sector. Learn how artificial intelligence and big data will modernize the way we work, advance science and accelerate innovation.

Innovation in practice

NRCan scientists and researchers are applying innovative digital solutions to support sustainable development and the competitiveness of Canada’s natural resource sector.


Driving clean, sustainable growth to enhance energy sector competitiveness, allowing for better prediction of energy usage and technology development.


Harnessing innovation to enhance efficiency, lower costs, increase productivity, and improve environmental performance in the mining sector.


Transforming Canada’s forestry sector – across value and supply chains – through the development of technologies that increase operational efficiency and enhance the use of big data.

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Who we work with

NRCan partners with natural resource companies and research organizations, AI institutes, technology firms, universities and federal, provincial, and municipal governments to deliver solutions related to the sustainable development of Canada’s natural resources.

How artificial intelligence will impact Canadians and the economy

Artificial Intelligence is an important investment Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) can make to “future proof” the department. Over the past ten years, NRCan has released over 500 AI-related publications and many additional projects are underway. This foundation of AI expertise in the Department can be leveraged to grow NRCan’s data literacy and digital capacity. Greater understanding and integration of an “AI mindset” will position the department to address ongoing priorities including transitioning to a low carbon economy.

AI will help our teams at NRCan increase the value we generate for Canadians by:

reducing costs, accelerating productivity, and improving accuracy

identifying new opportunities and mitigating risks

exploring uncharted territories and untapped markets through the use of modern, digital approaches

supporting the Canadian natural resources sector to develop, use, and generate value with new digital solutions

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