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The Generation Energy Council has spoken!

Using the results from the in-person and online engagements across Canada, the Council is advising on how it thinks Canada should transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon economy in the future.

The Generation Energy Council

Update on the Generation Energy Council Report

Since the Council delivered its report in June 2018, the Government of Canada has taken a number of actions that address the Council’s advice.

Read the update

Canada’s low-carbon energy future, designed by you

Beginning on April 21, 2017, over 380,000 people joined a national dialogue on Canada’s energy future.

Why? To find out how Canadians want to meet Canada’s climate goals, create jobs and keep energy affordable.

You told us that the transition to a Canadian low-carbon economy and society is underway. Luckily, our energy resources and technologies provide a strong platform for long-term growth and prosperity. Canadians told us they want to play an active role in creating this future. They foresee bold leadership and action from all facets of society.

Overall, the discussion can be broken up into three main themes:

Our Energy Future Plan


You told us it is important to plan Canada’s low-carbon energy future through meaningful dialogue that includes everyone’s voice.

We heard that:

  Canadians want a clear energy vision for the future

  The path forward must be informed by collaboration with partners, Indigenous people, industry and Canadians

  The energy transition provides an opportunity for reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

  Canada’s diversity is a source of strength, bringing a broad range of skills, knowledge and expertise to meet the varied requirements of all Canadians

  Gender equality in Canada’s energy future is an important issue that deserves attention and action

  It is important to continue to foster an inclusive dialogue on our energy future

Innovative Fact-Based Decisions


You told us about the importance of supporting transparency in energy decisions and growing a competitive low-carbon future through entrepreneurship, science and innovation.

We heard that:

  Science and innovation will be critical to driving the low-carbon transition

  Success will hinge on support for entrepreneurs and new energy businesses

  Transparent regulation and policy can build public confidence in energy decision-making and promote a strong and resilient industry

  Energy decisions need to be informed by evidence using accurate and accessible data

  Youth and entrepreneurs are eager to lead and require support to do so


Clean and Affordable Energy

You told us that we need to make smart energy investments to promote economic and environmental outcomes.

We heard that:

  Our future energy system will be clean, safe, reliable, accessible and affordable

  Investments need to be made in energy efficiency, clean energy and renewables, and zero-carbon transportation

  There is support to build a smart cross-country electricity grid

  Canada’s energy expertise should be leveraged to decarbonize fossil fuel production

  Strengthening partnerships with Indigenous communities is vital to achieving long-term energy solutions

  Skills training and education will help strengthen the jobs of the future

Canadians are building the low-carbon energy future


We’ve heard your ideas. Now we’re turning them into actions.

Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuels

You said:

There should be more rebates toward fuel-efficient vehicles and more charging stations.
Idea submitted on June 1, 2017
Create a network of charging stations to connect Canada from coast to coast to coast!
Idea submitted on October 11, 2017


Learn how NRCan will support demonstrations of next-generation and innovative electric vehicle charging infrastructure that address barriers to deployment.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Demonstrations (EVID)

Get more information on incentives to support the deployment of electric vehicle chargers as well as natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations.

Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel
Infrastructure Deployment Initiative

Smart Grids

You said:

Canada has an opportunity to lead in the development of the supply chains for those [smart grid] technologies and in their adoption, and thereby to create new employment opportunities in export industries which will survive the sunset of the fossil fuel era.
Idea submitted on October 10, 2017


Find out how NRCan plans to support the deployment of proven smart grid integrated systems to reduce GHG emissions and demonstrations of promising near-commercial smart grid technologies.


Smart Grids

Rural and Remote Communities

You said:

There are over 292 communities in Canada that depend on the supply of diesel fuel to support their total energy needs. These practices are both unsustainable and prohibitively expensive.
Idea submitted on August 23, 2017
First Nations


We’re committed to employ renewable energy technology to reduce reliance on diesel in Canada’s rural and remote communities. 

Deploying Renewable Energy Technology

Development and delivery of knowledge and skill to enable reducing diesel dependency in Canadian rural and remote communities.

Reduce Diesel Dependency

Clean Energy for Rural and
Remote Communities

Energy Efficient Buildings

You said:

Increase cross-Canada energy efficiency standards in buildings and in particular on all new construction projects. Create incentives for building retrofits and create a nation-wide policy on net-zero buildings.
Student Youth Voices Report


Learn how NRCan will support projects to develop and implement new building codes to retrofit existing buildings and build new net-zero energy consumption across Canada.


Energy-Efficient Buildings RD&D

Generation Energy Recap
Generation Energy Stats

Because of a changing climate and new tech, the way we make, move, and use energy needs to change. So six months ago, we asked Canadians a big question.

What does Canada’s energy future look like to you? To make a long story short, you responded. On our website you learned about our current energy system, submitted ideas/comments/ratings, and completed polls. You met with us in person in forums and workshops. You also talked with us on social media, and in polls through a mobile app. We heard from you all across the country. And responded you did! So thank you, for helping to shape Canada's energy future.

Your vision for the future of energy in Canada


You told us that the transition to a Canadian low-carbon economy and society is underway. Luckily, our energy resources and technologies provide a strong platform for long-term growth and prosperity.

Canadians want to play an active role in creating this future. They foresee bold leadership and action from all facets of society.

Although the pace of the transition is still in question, Canadians recognize that Canada has an opportunity to play a leading role in the global low-carbon movement.

Try one of the links below to see what Canadians told us about their energy future.


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