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Climate change

Learn about climate change in Canada and how to reduce its negative effects through adaptation, programs and funding opportunities, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Adapting to impacts

Information, tools and resources

Climate change adaptation in Canada

Strategies used in Canada to adapt to climate change and address its impacts on coastlines, forests and Canada’s North

Climate change adaptation tools and resources

Resources to help you develop, implement and evaluate climate change adaptation policies, strategies and plans

Canada in a changing climate

Assessments of how and why Canada’s climate is changing; how we’re adapting; and the impacts on our communities, environment and economy

Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform

A network of experts working and collaborating to adapt to a changing climate across 14 key thematic areas

Impacts on forests

Learn about the reciprocal relationship between Canada’s forests and climate change as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies for the forest sector.

Geoscience for climate change

We monitor climate change’s effects on Canada’s permafrost, glaciers and sea levels. Use our tools to inform adaptation strategies for coastal infrastructure and communities, permafrost regions, and transportation routes and northern resource development.

Programs and funding

Climate change adaptation program (CCAP)

Project funding to advance climate change adaptation knowledge, skills and actions in Canada

Climate-Resilient Coastal Communities (CRCC) Program

Funding to advance climate change adaptation actions in coastal communities

Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise Program

Investments in training, knowledge exchange and action that increase capacity to undertake climate change adaptation actions across the country

Reducing emissions

Information, tools and resources

Decarbonization Roadmap

A national strategy to decarbonize the oil and gas sector while supporting jobs and competitiveness

Canada’s International Support for the Clean Energy Transition

Policy for implementing the Statement on International Public Support for the Clean Energy Transition

Methane Centre of Excellence

Connecting Canadian experts and driving the development of solutions for methane detection and mitigation

Upstream Methane Abatement Toolbox

Canada’s tools for reducing methane emissions.

Programs and funding

Canada’s green future

Funding to advance clean technologies in energy, mining and forestry through research; clean fuels; green jobs; carbon capture, utilization and storage; and more

Energy Innovation Program

Funding projects for research and development to help reach climate change targets

Green infrastructure programs

Funding for clean energy infrastructure such as smart grids, electric vehicles, renewable power, energy-efficient buildings and communities, and more

Regional Energy and Resource Tables

Working with provinces, territories, Indigenous partners and stakeholders to accelerate a low-carbon future

Sustainable jobs

Sustainable Jobs Plan and programs supporting Canadians working towards a low carbon future

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