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Generation Energy Workshop Summaries

From April to October 2017, over 380,000 individuals shared their views on Canada’s energy future. As part of this national dialogue, the Government of Canada worked with communities, organizations and businesses to hold engagement sessions from coast to coast to coast on a wide range of topics. The outcomes of these discussions show that Canadians are both knowledgeable and passionate about the energy issues facing us today. The following reports capture the key ideas and perspectives from these sessions.


August 9, 2017 (Whitehorse)The Future of Energy in Canada’s North Report (PDF, 831 kb)
August 16, 2017 (New Brunswick) Youth Generation Energy Roundtable – University of New Brunswick (PDF, 71 kb)
August 17, 2017 (Montreal)Report on the Generation Energy Workshop (PDF, 545 kb)
August 28, 2017 (Teleconference)The Future of Cities Workshop Summary Report (PDF, 821 kb)
August 29, 2017 (Halifax) Generation Energy Workshop Report (PDF, 2 mb)


September 7, 2017 (Calgary)The Future of Oil and Gas Summary Report (PDF, 2 mb)
September 11, 2017 (Toronto)Generation Energy Dialogue CSI Summary (PDF, 481 kb)
September 11, 2017 (St. John’s)Generation Energy Memorial University Roundtable Report (PDF, 381 kb)
September 12, 2017 (Ottawa) The Pathways, Forecasting and Energy Data Experts Workshop (PDF, 570 kb)
September 18, 2017 (Edmonton)Indigenous Renewable Energy Symposium Report (PDF, 868 kb)
September 20, 2017 (Québec) Report on the Generation Energy Workshop (PDF, 2 mb)

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