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Considerations for Foreign-Certified NDT Personnel

If you obtained your non-destructive testing certifications via another international scheme, there are some steps you will need to take to become qualified in Canada. The information below is an excerpt taken directly from the CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2014 standard and Rules of Implementation, paragraph 14. For more information, please contact the NRCan Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body:

“14. Accommodation Process for candidates certified via another international scheme

  1. Training: A candidate certified via another international scheme, claiming previous training, will be directed to an Accepted Training Organization of his choice, where he must pass the training organization's tests for:
    1. Materials & processes, and
    2. NDT method(s).

NRCan will accept as proof of adequate prior training, a certificate issued by the accepted training organization stating that the candidate had passed these tests (i, ii).

Note: The candidate does not have to take the training courses - just the tests.  The candidate gets one try at the tests.  In the event that the candidate cannot pass the tests, the candidate must take the necessary training course(s) appropriate to pass each of the tests.

NRCan will evaluate both national and foreign candidates on the same requirements.  All must produce a certificate from an NRCan Accepted Training Organization stating the candidate has passed the training organizations test for materials and processes and all tests pertaining the NDT methods/levels in which he/she seeks certification.

  1. Experience: A candidate, claiming previous experience in another scheme, will be required to meet the same requirements as national candidates.  In cases where the experience is questionable and/or difficult to verify (previous supervisors reside in a foreign country, NRCan-certified sponsor not available), NRCan will further assess the submitted claims of experience on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Certification: NRCan will assess the submitted claims of certification of a foreign candidate.  His certifications may be acceptable proof of prior training and experience and NRCan may allow him to proceed to full or partial examination.  On the other hand, the foreign candidate may be required to demonstrate training and experience as per item 14 a) and b).

    Foreign certificated candidates are still required to fully complete the NRCan method specific written and practical exams as currently required for CGSB/NRCan certification, as well as the training and prerequisites as detailed in this para 14.”
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