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National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body

2022 Standard Implementation

Updated certification requirements and forms according to CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2022 standard is currently in effect as of March 31, 2024. Refer to the updated Rules of Implementation for the CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2022 / (ISO 9712:2021, IDT) standard rollout and the list of key updates on the Non-Destructive Testing Certification page.

Online Examination System for CAN/CGSB-48.9712 NDT and XRF Written multiple-choice questions exams

All written multiple-choice examinations for CAN/CGSB-48.9712 NDT and XRF have been updated to a computer-based electronic format (in-person live proctored). Immediately after completing an exam, candidates can view unofficial examination results through the online examination system. Refer to Non-Destructive Testing Certification page for more information.

NRCan NDTCB Service fees update

Effective April 1, 2023, the NRCan NDTCB has implemented service fees update. Visit Fees for NDT Certification and Examination page for more information.

COVID temporary accommodations and extensions

For the on-going Covid temporary extensions, visit the NDT Certification Body COVID Program Updates page for more information.

Natural Resources Canada Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body (NRCan NDTCB)

NRCan manages the Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body (NDTCB), which is the national program that certifies personnel who perform non-destructive testing (NDT).

The NDTCB is committed to:

  • Protecting Canadians and Canada’s natural resources through its certification programs.
  • Providing certification to the appropriate Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) standard (CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2022, Qualification and Certification of Non-Destructive Testing Personnel).
  • Developing and implementing programs to certify people who inspect the metals and materials in the components and structures used in Canada’s natural resources industries.

The NDTCB certification program also aims to continually improve and maintain reliability, security and safety with regards to how industries use metals and materials across Canada. We are committed to quality and have achieved certification for our quality management system to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


  • Understands the importance of impartiality and takes it seriously.
  • Has processes to manage potential conflicts of interest and ensure all certification activities are objective.
  • Is solely responsible for, retains authority for, and does not delegate its decisions relating to certification, including the granting, maintaining, recertification, expansion and reduction of scope, suspension, or withdrawal of certifications.

About the NRCan National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) manages the national program in Canada that certifies people who perform non-destructive testing (NDT).

Non-destructive testing certification

Read about, apply for or manage your non-destructive testing certification (NDT).

X-ray fluorescence analyzer operator certification

Read about, apply for or manage your certification for operators of portable x-ray tube-based fluorescence (XRF) analyzers.

Exposure device operator certification

Find out more about NRCan's role in administering the written examination for exposure device operators who want to become certified.

Directory of certified personnel

Find out about which non-destructive testing and x-ray fluorescence analyzer operators are currently certified.

NDT Certification Body forms and guides

Application forms, supplementary forms and examination guides for all three types of certification.

Contacting the NDT Certification Body

Contact the NRCan National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body.

Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body COVID-19 Program Updates:

Find out important information about COVID-19 accommodations and extensions for certification exams, renewals and recertifications.

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