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Funding, Grants and Incentives

The Federal Government of Canada manages several funding, grants and incentive programs to encourage research, development and demonstration in Canada.


Open Programs and Calls

Active Calls for Proposals
Find out about any new calls for funding programs.

Current Investments

Canada’s investment in energy innovation is an important part of building our clean economy.
Learn more about our contributions to Research, Development and Demonstration projects in Canada.

Current Programs and Initiatives

Greener Neighbourhoods Pilot Program (GNPP)
The GNPP will pilot the Energiesprong model in Canada through initiatives supporting regional Market Development Teams (MDTs) in their work to accelerate the market for aggregated deep energy retrofits, and by supporting deep energy retrofit demonstration projects in community housing buildings in Canadian communities.

Greener Homes
Energy efficiency starts at home. Our Greener Homes will help homeowners undertake an EnerGuide evaluation and energy efficiency retrofits to make their homes more efficient, comfortable, and affordable to maintain. And, by doing so, this initiative will help us transition to a clean energy future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by making new and existing buildings and homes more energy efficient.

Green Infrastructure Phase II (GI)
Your green infrastructure ideas are key to building our clean economy. We want to help you accelerate the deployment and market entry of next-generation clean energy infrastructure.

Federal Internal Energy R&D
Together, the Program of Energy Research and Development and the internal component of the Energy Innovation Program fund energy-related RD&D activities undertaken in federal departments and agencies.

Impact Canada – Oil Spill Response Challenge
The Oil Spill Response Challenge, with its two streams, will spark new ideas and engage diverse perspectives to spur the development of innovative and rapidly deployable solutions that improve oil spill response in diverse Canadian aquatic environments.

Cyber Security and Critical Energy Infrastructure Program (CCEIP)
The Cyber Security and Critical Energy Infrastructure Program (CCEIP) supports activities that enhance the cyber security and resilience of domestic and cross-border energy infrastructure by strengthening the capability of the energy sector to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from cyber threats.

Energy Innovation Program
Energy Innovation key priority areas are: renewable, smart grid and storage systems; reducing diesel use by industrial operators in northern and remote communities; methane and VOC emission reduction; reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector; carbon capture, use and storage; improving industrial efficiency.

Critical minerals programs and funding
Support for research and innovation, infrastructure, geoscience and data, and major critical minerals projects.

Other funding information

The Office of Energy Research and Development (OERD)
The Office of Energy Research and Development (OERD) is the Government of Canada's co-ordinator of energy research and development (R&D) activities.

Find out more about Canada's commitment to supporting innovation and technology collaboration and partnerships through clean tech investment.

Other federal funding sources 
Find out about other Federal sources for clean energy funding and incentives.

Financial incentives by province
Link to OEE’s database on incentive programs across Canada

Tax Savings for Industry
Find information on Class 43.1 and 43.2 and their related tax incentives to encourage investment in clean energy generation and energy conservation projects.

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