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Saving energy and money with hybrid heating (Byte-Sized Science)

Jeremy Sager, a research engineer at CanmetENERGY Ottawa, assesses the performance of different, more energy-efficient heating ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential homes. He takes us through a house where an air conditioner was replaced with a heat pump. When the air conditioner gets old, the heat pump can do some of the heating and save energy.


A 360-degree VR look inside Canada’s boreal forest on the road to restoration

What do 360-degree virtual reality, the oil and gas sector and threatened boreal caribou have in common? Plenty, it turns out. And especially in Alberta, where work is underway to restore tens of thousands of kilometres of seismic lines — those narrow clear-cut strips found throughout Canada’s boreal forest that were created to help locate oil and natural gas deposits.


Cleaner Digging with Hydrogen

Hydrogen — the most abundant element in the world — has the potential to fuel underground mining vehicles, and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) scientists are using its power in new technologies to bring clean energy to the mining industry.


New tech to reduce oil sands greenhouse gas emissions

In a modest laboratory tucked away in Ottawa’s forested suburbs, a team of researchers from Natural Resources Canada is testing new technology that could have a big environmental impact more than 3,000 kilometres away in the Alberta oil sands — direct contact steam generation.