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Scaling Up First Hub & Spoke Lignocellulosic Biofuels Commercial Pilot

Strategic Area

Forestry – Technology and Innovation
GHG & Air Emissions




Wood Innovation Program - Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks 
Greenfield Global
Detour Gold
Sherbrooke University


Clean Growth Program



CGP Contribution

4 500 000 $

Science and Technology Assistance for Cleantech (STAC) Contribution

CanmetENERGY Ottawa

$ 793,000

Project Total

$ 15,793,000



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CRB Innovations (available in French only)

Lead Proponent

CRB Innovations

Project Objectives

This project is a first of its kind in Canada for bio-refineries. The project will use forestry residuals and other sources of biomass, converted into intermediate products at regional satellite locations, and transfer these intermediate products to a central “bio-refinery” to be converted into biofuels and co-bioproducts.

Expected Results

It is expected that this project will produce 70 - 80 wt% high performance biofuels, as well as 20 - 30 wt% valuable and marketable co-bioproducts.

Multiple end use co-bioproducts for a variety of applications will increase economics of production for biofuels (e.g. ethanol, gasoline, kerosene-rich jetfuel, drop-in diesel), and bio-chemicals (e.g. plastics).

Demand for this technology is expected to increase as Canada moves towards the Clean Fuel Standard.


Anticipated Environmental Impacts: Will process 20kt biomass, dry basis/year (forest and agriculture residuals and recycled wood).

Estimated to reduce GHG by 12,000 tCO2/yr, or 50% reduction in GHG emissions with an energy efficiency > 40% resulting in an eco-sustainable development of the forest sector.

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