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Residential Demand Response Program (RDRP)

Strategic Area

Smart Grid and Energy Storage




ATCO Electric Yukon
Yukon Development Corporation


Green Infrastructure



CGP Contribution

$ 709,732

Project Total

$ 1,422,112



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Yukon Energy
Peak Smart

Lead Proponent

Yukon Energy Corporation

Project Objectives

The project’s main objective is focused on reducing Yukon’s current and future dependence on new thermal (natural gas and diesel) generation to meet increasing peak demands on its electrical grid through demand response technology focused on residential electric heating and hot water end-use loads.

The demonstration will involve approximately 400 customers fitted with demand response devices, controllable from Yukon Energy’s (YEC) system control centre. This would enable YEC to shift participating customer’s load off critical peak electricity demand periods.

Objectives also include the reduction of fuel costs, which would help to minimize electricity rate increases and reduce GHG emissions from thermal-based peaking generation.

Expected Results

The project expects to reduce the use of thermal resources during winter peak periods when the demand on the grid is highest.

If this demonstration project is successful in cost-effectively reducing peak demand it could form the basis of a full demand response program across the Territory.

Project Updates

After a successful marketing period, the program received a full subscription. Enhanced Covid-19 safety measures allowed installations in customer homes to continue. A series of different demand response protocols were tested to determine the most effective peak reduction settings for the Yukon. Variables included set-back temperature reduction, ramp-up strategies and preheating the home prior to the set-backs. A full winter season of demand response events were run and the team has started to analyze the data to determine the peak reductions that were achieved.

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