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H̓íkila qṇts n̓ála’áx̌v (protecting our world)

Strategic Area

Renewable Energy
Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative




Indigenous Clean Energy
Ecotrust Canada


Impact Canada



Impact Canada Contribution

$ 1,600,000

Project Total

$ 1,600,000


Haíɫzaqv (Heiltsuk Nation), BC

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Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative

Lead Proponent

Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation

Project Objectives

Following the priorities identified through a robust Community Energy Plan, the Haíłzaqv Climate Action Team (HCAT) is pursuing further investment into 10 clean energy projects in their community, with the long-term vision of practicing energy sovereignty and resiliency by utilizing wind, sun, earth, and water, in accordance with their ǧvi̓ḷás (ancestral laws) and cyclical worldview. Projects include energy efficiency upgrades, such as 95% of Bella Bella homes have energy efficient heat pumps by the end of 2022. Further, retrofits in homes and community buildings, capacity development, and feasibility studies for localizing food systems and solar PV installation(s). Community transportation will transform from electrification of marine and community vehicles , as well as fuel switching to bio-diesel. This plan also includes the creation of passive house kits that will be locally produced.

Expected Results

HCAT’s implementation approach centers Haíɫzaqv people and Haíɫzaqv ways of being in order to: adapt to climate change, educate and engage the community to ensure ownership of their collective climate action work, create equitable access to clean energy for all Haíɫzaqv, increase human wellbeing through transformation to a carbon-neutral community, and cultivate abundance of the Haíɫzaqv homelands for future generations by living in balance and exercising Haíɫzaqv sovereignty.

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