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Solvent Driven Extraction Process

Lead Proponent: Cenovus FCCL Ltd.
Location: Foster Creek, Alberta
EIP Contribution: $7.5 M
Project Total: $23.2 M
Strategic Area: Oil and Gas Clean Technologies

Project Objectives:

The solvent technology project will demonstrate an enhanced bitumen recovery process involving the co-injection of steam and solvent in an in-situ steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) production at the Foster Creek project. It will test the efficiency of the steam and solvent co-injection in terms of the amount of oil recovered, the water and steam requirements, and its impact on the cumulative steam-to-oil ratio during bitumen production, and on water treatment costs associated with steam generation.

Expected Results:

Outcomes may include increased market competitiveness and environmental performance resulting from the more efficient bitumen production and lower energy costs while lowering water use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the Canadian oil sands industry. Specifically, if the demonstration project is successful and later deployed, the steam to oil ratio (SOR) and the related GHG emission intensity of existing in-situ oil sands operations could be reduced significantly and make new in-situ projects emit lesser GHG and more economical due to lower capital requirements associated with reduction in water treatment and steam generation costs.

Project Partners:

ConocoPhillips Canada
Alberta Innovates

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