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Net-Zero Energy Ready, New Construction Demonstration Program

Strategic Area

Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities




  • BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources
  • Forestry Innovation Innitiative


Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 1,179,000

Project Total

$ 2,359,000


Various locations, BC

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Better Buildings BC Program

Lead Proponent

Integral Group

Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to support and promote the design and construction of Net-Zero Ready (NZER) commercial, institutional, and multi-family residential buildings in British Columbia.

The project will support the adoption of higher-efficiency building standards, including the top tier of the BC Energy Step Code and the Passive House Standard.

Expected Results

Results of the project will include:

  • 6 to 10 new buildings built to NZER standards with highly efficient building envelopes.
  • Case studies highlighting technologies and techniques used to achieve NZER buildings at minimal costs.
  • Operating data on building energy consumption to verify actual building performance.

The project will support Canada’s targets for Net-Zero Energy Ready building codes by 2030.

Economic benefits include an estimated $200M in new construction spending in BC for the new builds and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the building sector.

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